How much does it cost?

Price varies by country. Each subscription includes the number, voice mail, and a generous allowance of inbound call minutes. All outbound calls will be charged on a per-minute basis at our low rates (your app will show you the rate when you type in a number to call).

You must have enough credits in your prepaid account to cover subscription fees and any call minutes.

Add credits in-app or online in MyAccount. Set up AutoPay for easiest convenience – you can adjust how much you want to add automatically each period.

How do I pay?

You can pay with credit card (in some countries), PayPal, or in-app payments. 

All subscription and call minutes charges are in USD and will be debited from your prepaid balance. Set up AutoPay to avoid service interruption. You may cancel at any time; your virtual number will be held for 48 hours after cancellation or non-payment, after which time the number will be removed from your account and may not be reusable. Please read the "Terms and Conditions" for full legal terms and regulatory disclosures.